Protocol Lab – ADE 2018 pt. 2

It’s that time of the year again! When all DJ’s, producers, fans, managers, labels, press and other Dance fanatics gather for this year’s edition of Amsterdam Dance Event!

Protocol Recordings continues with the Protocol Lab, which consists out of 2 EP’s released in 2 consecutive weeks just in time for ADE! Part 2 consists out of 5 tracks and will be released on October 12th, featuring tracks by Futuristic Polar Bears, Antoine Delvig, Mosimann, Charles B & VCTRY and AYOR!



Protocol Lab – ADE 2018 Pt. 2

  1. Futuristic Polar Bears & Kess Ross – I Can’t Do It
  2. Charles B & VCTRY – House Pride
  3. Antoine Delvig & AYOR – Low Rider
  4. Mosimann – The Groove
  5. Timmo Hendriks & Lennart Schroot – In My Head


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